Tech Trends | Best Tech For Small UK Businesses 2022

December 2, 2021
Laura Smith

What’s Trending in the World of Small Business for 2022?

Here at Business Tech Service, we help business owners and startups with those difficult decisions such as choosing the right software or equipment to ensure they make the most of budget and opportunities.

Focusing on IT capabilities that are most relevant to your businesses goals is key.  Use data to inform your strategy and then decide on the right tech investment.

Discover 5 trends shaping the path for business tech in 2022...

Tech Trends 5G 2022
5G in 2022


Launched last year, you may think we are a little slow off the mark mentioning the impact of 5G in 2022. But what does 5G mean for small businesses? 5G (or fifth-generation mobile networks) is the sweet promise of faster download speeds, more stable connections and way less lag!

Just to put that into context, 5G could promise improved speeds up to 20x faster than 4G. So if you haven’t already, now is the time to identify key areas for investment in your business. How could 5G help you to deliver the best product or service possible in 2022?

It’s quite possible that with the help of 5G you will be able to better meet the demands of your customers. You may be more efficient and able to accomplish more in considerably less time, subtly reducing costs and potentially increasing revenue.

Tech Trends Automation in 2022
Automate communication & marketing


Anything that can be automated in a business, is a small business tech solution in our book! Automation simplifies all areas by automatically accomplishing tasks that would otherwise have to be done manually, at a higher cost.

Marketing automation is one of the key areas that can see a huge ROI. From email marketing, content marketing, social media or sales, there is tons of marketing automation software available that suits a variety of industries, business sizes and budgets.

Setting up an automated email marketing campaign allows you to build workflows that send out emails automatically, such as a welcome message for new signups or a related product recommendation for a recent buyer.  Check out our review of the best email marketing platforms.

Consider investing in automation software for tasks such as responding to customer queries, ensuring that response time is immediate, sending the customer a pre-written response to let them know someone will be in touch shortly, keeping the lead warm.

Tech Trends Online Community in 2022
Online community platforms for small businesses

Creating Online Communities

What is an online community? Basically, a platform attached to your website that allows users to interact with each other.  An online community can increase sales and brand engagement.  But it also achieves an authentic relationship with customers and allows you valuable insights to improve brand perception and drive innovation.

Having your community built onto a forum on your own website allows you insights into analytics and membership. Contact a professional agency, who specialises in building community platforms or virtual events for a quote.

There are also forum software tools available and plugins available if you feel able to build your own such as WordPress, MyBB and Drupal

Tech Trends Apps  2022
Use apps to improve your businesses productivity & communication on the go!


Billions use mobile apps every day.  But how can an app on your phone help your business progress and grow in 2022?

As a small business or startup, you will be more aware than most of the importance of budgeting.  Make use of free apps to access accounting software, video conferencing or marketing to help your business with productivity or communication; on the go!

A great place to start is by finding a communication app that allows you to organise and communicate with prospects, clients, freelancers and more.  Streamline your tools to save precious time and stay on track with your business.

We love Google Meet, Slack and Twist.  It’s also worth checking out Signal.  Signal is versatile and free and boasts versions for Mac, Linux, Android, Windows and iOS.

If you need a fast handle on spending download Expensify, free for a trial period this handy app allows automation of tasks and features a real-time expense report.

Check out Quickbooks if you want a pocket-sized accountant! The industry leader, if you are a small business requiring support with accountancy or bookkeeping and the cloud-based app, can be accessed anywhere.

Tech Trends Work From Home VC 2022
VC in 2022 - seamless connection

Permanent Hybrid Home Working

It's most definitely become the new norm.  Remote working can be highly effective, especially with the right tech and software to support you. A must-have for 2022 is productivity software. If you are a startup with a small but growing team, keep track of productivity and team tasks. allows you to customise a workflow to your businesses needs, allowing you to track a multitude of things including allocation of tasks, completion and hours taken.

Ensure your video conferencing game is seamless with high video quality and connection.  Zoom is reliable (keep streaming even with a weak connection) and is great value - free for up to 100 participants for 40-minute meetings.

And keep your eyes peeled for the evolution of home working software to enable virtual reality conferencing!

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