Accounting Software for Small Businesses in 2023

Give yourself valuable hours back each week & ensure your business stays in the black with accounting software.

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Starting a small business or freelancing requires careful monitoring of spending and invoicing which is incredibly time-consuming. To give yourself precious hours back and also ensure your business stays in the black you need accounting software


If you are not sure where to start let us support you through the research and decision-making process to ensure that the software investment you make works for your small business long term.  We have tried and tested the easiest accounting software for small businesses so that you can make an informed decision based on your individual needs.


Best Accounting Software 2023

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Tech Reviews

Xero Review
Ideal if you are looking for accounting software with inventory counting functionality due to product sales, make the most of their 30-day free trial.
Our Review
Intuit QuickBooks Online Review
Great all-around accounting software with functionality across invoices, expenses and reporting. Track miles, create bespoke invoices and manage your expense and cash flow.
Our Review
Sage Review
New to accounting? Sage is your new best friend, giving you plenty of support as your start out in business. This accounting software is simple to navigate and understand.
Our Review

What is accounting software? Accounting software is a digital tool to help you easily record money flow within your business. You can record transactions, generate reports, create purchase orders, invoices and monitor balances.

Do you need accounting software for your small business?  The answer is almost certainly yes! Accounting software will ensure that you don’t underestimate tax and cash flow planning. Software such as Xero, QuickBooks and Sage all give you valuable hours back every week which would otherwise have been spent manually invoicing, sorting payroll or other accounting administrative tasks. 

The benefits of accounting software are huge. It instantly saves you time, streamlines the tax process and promotes data accuracy. The importance of a decent accounting system for small businesses can sometimes be the difference between a startup failing and a successful long term company.  

Accounting software makes it so much easier for freelancers and business owners to keep a track of spending, invoicing and managing overall finances without the need for expensive accountant costs. 

At Business Tech Service we have searched, tested and reviewed the best accounting software for small businesses. Discover the main features of some of the top accounting software available on the market in 2023 and how they can help your business. So whether you are looking for accounting software for artists, accounting software for charities, tourism or hair salons. It doesn't matter. The software we have reviewed would be suitable for sole traders all the way up to a medium-sized limited company. 

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