Payment Solutions for Small Businesses in 2023

Want versatile payment solutions? We have tested the market's biggest brands so that you can start accepting card payments fast.

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If you are looking for versatile payment solutions for your small business such as card readers and POS then you are in luck. Mobile payment options for small businesses are more extensive than ever.  With big brand names such as Square, SumUp and Shopify dominating the market - which is the clear winner?

Budgeting keeps small businesses on track, so how do you find the right payment solution to match your budget?  We have tried and tested some of the best mobile card readers and POS on the market and we have some great suggestions so that you can start accepting credit and debit card payments fast.


Best Card Readers & POS Systems 2023

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Shopify POS Review
If you are thinking of starting a new multichannel business with both in-store and online sales, Shopify has all the tools you need.
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Square Review
A reliable payment method with impressive features for future growth, ideal if you are a small business right now but have big plans to scale up.
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Zettle Review
Perfect for small businesses who want to rely on a flat monthly payment model and need to take payments remotely.
Our Review
SumUp Review
Ideal for startups and those at the very beginning of their business journey, SumUp offers predictable flat-rate pricing and no hidden costs.
Our Review

What are card readers and POS? Point of sale allows small businesses to take card payments. They usually have two components: the software, which processes payments and the hardware, like the card reader or barcode scanner, that enables you to make transactions.  The purpose of a POS system is to allow you to easily process sales: either in person or online. 

Looking for a card reader for your small business? We get asked a lot about which is the best card reader for small businesses on the market in 2023. And the simple answer is there are some great mobile payment solutions available for nearly every budget. With big brands such as Square, SumUp and Shopify dominating the market - which is right for your business?

POS systems for small businesses need to be easy to set up with low or no monthly fees to keep your overheads down to a minimum.  When looking for the best POS system for small businesses you need a point of sale to securely accept debit and credit cards as standard.  But many of the best also do a lot more as well.

Discover payment solutions available on the market in 2023 and how they can help your business. The tech we have reviewed would be suitable for sole traders all the way up to a medium-sized limited company.

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