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InVideo Review

Easy-to-use video editing software to create professional-looking video content ideal for sharing on any digital platform. This software reinvents video editing and brings it to the masses.

Simon Childs
June 3, 2022
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OVERALL RATING: Best for Beginners 

We’ve tested InVideo’s features to see how they match up against other video editing platforms.  We have all the information you need to decide for yourself whether InVideo is right for you and your business.

Who is InVideo best suited for? Perfect if you need easy to use video editing software to create professional-looking video content.


+ Option to collaborate on video editing

+ Huge selection of quality royalty-free music


- Once you choose a template you can't change your mind

InVideo Review Summary

InVideo is a powerful, online video editor, ideal for small businesses who want to create video content that wows! InVideo platform is mainly focused on adverts, especially for Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. 

It comes packed with 5000+ templates, iStock media, music library, filters and transitions.  Enjoy more control over your video content creation, it’s constantly being updated and improved based on user feedback.

Is InVideo right for your startup or small business?  Read our impartial review to find out.

InVideo online video editor is intuitive software to help small businesses create professional HD videos.
InVideo is the ideal software for small business to create sharable video content

What is InVideo?

InVideo is a beginner-friendly platform aimed at novice video makers or online marketers. The San Francisco-based company offers a free option to test out their platform. The drag and drop style editor alongside a vast library of easy to edit templates helps build that perfect advert to showcase your brand. 

InVideo offers a range of video tutorials to help new users understand how their editor works and how to make full use of its features. The platform is a solely web-based video editor, which has some benefits like easy to use software, but it also means you can't edit your video offline. 

The recently added video assistant help’s you to craft your first video by advising you on improving things such as text alignment or complementary background colours.

How InVideo works

There are two ways to create a video with InVideo; by using their template library and building your design into it or starting entirely from scratch. 

InVideo's template library is one of its best features. All the templates feature distinctive images, videos, animations, and transitions, and you can add your own photos and videos or leave the default ones in. 

We're focusing on using templates, as this guide is for new/small business owners or freelancers looking to try out some editing software.  The platform splits the templates into two broad categories; 

  • Pre-made templates that are perfect for advertisements most video businesses need, such as product videos or presentations

  • Text to Video templates is designed to turn a written script into a video to accompany either a written article, advertisement or other written pieces

InVideo video creation software is ideal for freelanres, small business and anyone wanting to create professional videos
InVideo packs all of your video creation needs in one simple platform

Pre-made templates 

Templates are designed to give amateurs or novice video makers the best possible results for the least amount of effort - which they do. Templates make it easy for content creators to find a style they like, edit it to their preference or specification, then use the same format repeatedly. This is great for YouTubers or businesses looking to release multiple videos in a similar design with a consistent style.  

There are currently over 5000 templates arranged into categories for different industries and uses. No matter which template you choose, you can easily edit the colour scheme, text, animation, and transitions. If your business has already decided on a colour scheme or design style, you can integrate it with most templates. 

What can you use InVideo's pre-made templates for? 

Brand intro videos are a common requirement for businesses starting out. You want to show the world who you are, what you do and how you solve a problem. InVideo has a category of templates specifically for this. Like all other templates offered on the site, you can easily edit to make it less generic or closer to your business image.


Bite-size ad templates are also offered by InVideo. These are perfect for anyone looking to create an advert for a platform with an advert time limit. Many of the templates are made for businesses such as real estate and feature stunning mansions and peaceful neighbourhoods. 

Product video ads are a necessity for entrepreneurial and retail businesses that sell their products online. Anyone operating an eCommerce store would particularly benefit from creating videos showcasing their products, saving their customers a trip to their store (if they have one), or helping to close a sale. InVideo has a great selection of templates for product adverts and more in-depth videos for products where photographs don't give customers enough to go on. 

Text to Video Templates

InVideo offers text to video templatesThese templates are for turning a script or piece of writing into a video. There are just over fifty templates available, fewer than the pre-made templates. 

You can use text to video templates to showcase a series of images to play alongside a travel blog or create a montage of pictures from a business with the company's values or slogan's written alongside.

How does the editor work?

The InVideo editor is simple and straightforward to use. Before you get into the editor, you need to pick a template you like the look of. It's worth noting that pictures, text and other media uploaded to one template can't be transferred to another template. Once you've picked one, you have to stick with it or start over. 

You then have a selection of tools to choose from to edit your video. Drag and drop original images or pictures from a royalty-free library into your video, as well as edit the text size, colour, font, and letter distribution. You’re able to clip and cut your video and slow down or speed up the playback speed. 

Adding text or image animations is pretty straightforward, as is blurring or sharpening images and altering transitions between different images or clips. InVideo’s new virtual assistant can help you with colours, text alignment and size, which is especially useful if you’re still cutting your editing teeth or without a well-defined creative idea. 

There’s also a selection of free music which you can use throughout your video. Some music is small samples of twenty seconds, but there are also some full tracks. 

InVideo pricing

InVideo pricing plans offer something for  freelancers all the way up to large teams
All the videos you create on InVideo are yours forever. You can access them any time by logging into your InVideo account

InVideo has one of the cheapest, if not the cheapest pricing plans of any online video editor.

The company offers three different plans:

  • Free, which includes some features but lacks high-quality video resolution. If you use images from the iStock library, they will be watermarked. The free plan is only worth using when trying out the platform. Almost everyone would benefit from the extra features included in either of the paid plans. 

  • Business includes everything in the free plan with loads of extras. You can use up to ten stock photos a month without watermarks, your videos are 1080p resolution (crystal clear), and you can export up to sixty videos per month. This plan is best for small businesses, freelancers, teachers or anyone starting a YouTube channel. 

  • The Unlimited plan is ideal for any freelancer or business solely focused on digital media, like a flourishing YouTube channel or a digital marketing agency. In addition to all the features of the free and business plans, you can also use up to 120 stock photos per month without watermarks, and you can export as many videos as you want. 

Both the Business plan and Unlimited plans are paid annually. If you pay monthly, the plans cost twice as much. 

Who is InVideo best suited for?

The platform is ideal for online marketers, small businesses, individuals, and startups to take their brand video content strategy to the next level. 

Why InVideo is the best

We love the fact that you can upload your own media as well as use items from InVideo’s library. It's also possible to include other people and collaborate on the same video.

It is perfect for dynamic video posts for social media and has fantastic animated graphic elements and a huge library of templates as well as a quality royalty-free music library.

Why InVideo is not so good

Once you choose a template, you can’t change your mind unless you start from the beginning which is a bit of a drag. Exporting can also be a bit slow and time-consuming. Cloud Storage could also be expanded.

InVideo verdict?

Overall, InVideo is a worthwhile video editor for anyone on a budget or looking to try their hand at making their own videos or video adverts before they commit to a more expensive or specialist editor. 

While the platform is user friendly and cheap, it does have a few drawbacks. Being a web-based editor, users cannot use any features when offline, and you are unable to move your images and text from one template to another, which can be painful for indecisive users. 

That said, InVideo offers a good option for video production at a very reasonable price. 

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InVideo FAQ’s

How much does InVideo cost?

There is a free plan for InVideo but as mentioned above, you get much better features with their paid plans which can be paid monthly or annually.

What is InVideo used for?

InVideo is an online video editing tool that allows businesses across all industries to create video content to share across social platforms and websites.