Cost of Quickbooks for Small Business UK

February 1, 2022
Laura Smith

Is Quickbooks worth it for Self Employed UK?

QuickBooks has a great reputation in the world of small business accounting software, packed with tax planning support and great features. Find out if the costs add up and if it’s right for you.

Quickbooks - how much is the software and is it worth it for my small business?

Owner of a small business? Here at Business Tech Service, we think the benefits of being self-employed far out way the negatives. Creative freedom, job satisfaction and the autonomy that comes from not having to work for somebody else.

Having said that one of the drawbacks is tax, keeping on top of your expenses and invoicing and figuring out just how much you owe the taxman each year! If you are reading this then you are probably well aware of the stress of the tax return deadline each year. You’d be surprised how fast the 31st of January comes around.

How can you take the work and stress out of a self-assessment?  

How can you ensure that you have calculated the correct amount of income tax that you owe?

That's where accounting software comes in.  Perfect for startups, small and medium-sized businesses here in the UK, accounting software can save you hours by managing your finances for you (without the costs of an accountant!)

For decades, accounting software has helped small to medium businesses save on accounting costs – in some cases, eliminating the need for an accountant altogether and in others, simply reducing the time their accountant needs to spend on their accounts  – and in the last decade or so, offline accounting software have been usurped by the even more convenient online cloud-based accounting solutions.

Quickbooks UK

With budget-friendly low monthly fees and everything you need to make bookkeeping simple, it’s easy to see why so many small businesses turn to Quickbooks to simplify their accounting processes.

When getting started with Quickbooks, there’s a relatively short set-up process, whereby QuickBooks presents you with questions about your business, such as native currency, business type and whether you want to activate certain features or automate certain processes, like applying for bill payments.

Quickbooks Pricing UK

Quickbooks say that no matter what size of business you have, there is a plan for you!  With monthly plans starting at less than £20 per month (its worth checking their site regularly as they often have offers!) for directors only or very small businesses, what do you get for your money?

As a minimum you get to enjoy all of the below:

Income Tax estimates
Submit VAT directly to HMRC
Send invoices that can be paid in one-click
Manage income & expenses
Get free UK phone support

QuickBooks packs tons of features into its relatively easy to use accounting software.

QuickBooks not sounding quite the right match for your small business?

We have reviewed the leading cloud accountancy software so that you can easily find the software solution perfect for your business.  Discover more or get in touch.

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