Does my small business need a landline?

January 9, 2023
Laura Smith

Does my small business need a landline?

When a business owner searches the question, does my business need a landline, it means they are thinking about their communication needs.  It’s often thought that every business needs a landline to maintain professionalism, and credibility and build trust. 

Landline phones have been used by businesses of all sizes for well over 100 years now but is that still the best way to go when it comes to communicating with modern customers?

Now that smartphones and virtual landlines (cloud-based telephone services explained later on) are easily available and offer more functionality, do we still need a landline phone?

Is there any reason to still have a landline for a small business?

Small businesses and startups may think that they can get away without the additional cost of a landline, however, having the right tech in place from the start is essential to keep a business running efficiently.

Something that you may not have considered is your telephone number should be directly tied to a geographical location that is connected to your company. Geographic numbers are fixed-line telephone numbers that begin with the digits '01' and '02' and are widely recognised and trusted by customers.

Still not convinced?  We have come up with a few advantages when opting for a landline telephone:

#1 Builds Instant Trust

Gives the perception of an established and credible company. Having a dedicated number for a business shows inquirers that the firm is legitimate and trustworthy.  Businesses which only use mobile phone numbers can make customers question “Is this company credible?”

smartphones are not a useful as landlines for businesses who take a lot of calls

#2 More Efficient

Smartphones don’t have the capacity to handle high call volumes. With a landline, you can set up a multi-line phone system.  This lets you handle two or more calls simultaneously. It enables employees to place calls on hold, and dial internal or external numbers. 

#3 Reduced Security Threats

Hackers have the ability to gain access to your banking details through your phone number. Landline phones mitigate this security threat, making it a significant advantage over a smartphone.

Alternative if you really don't want a traditional landline…

Although it’s usually a positive sign, handling a high volume of calls can be stressful for small business owners. Opting for a virtual landline could be the right solution if this is the challenge that you have. 

What is a virtual phone number (VoIP)?

VoIP is a technology that allows voice calls to be made using an internet connection. This mitigates the need for a phone line. You can then make low-cost phone calls.

You can literally be up and running with a second phone line within minutes and it can sit on your mobile phone while remaining separate from your own personal number.

Benefits of VoIP:

#1 Lower Costs

The cost of VoIP technology is much cheaper than a traditional landline service. This is because calls can travel over the internet, rather than the expensive public telephone system. This will be even more relevant to you if you frequently call international numbers as part of your day-to-day business activity. 

#2 Increased Opportunity

Landlines are static which means potentially losing business when you are out the of office or unavailable in meetings etc. Having a virtual number makes communication on the go far easier because calls can be quickly and easily forwarded to wherever you want to answer them. 

#3 Choose your own number

Traditional phone service providers will allocate you a random number but with VoIP, you get to pick your own number – giving you the opportunity to pick from thousands of memorable numbers making it easier for customers to remember you.

Can you pick a geographical number with a virtual phone number?

Yes! While traditional phone numbers are tied to a specific geographic location, virtual phone numbers aren't.  This means that you can choose which area code you want to use, as well as which phone number you’d like.

How to Get a Virtual Phone Number

Startup or very small business? If you only need one virtual phone number to start, Google Voice is a great free solution. It provides a free virtual phone number to go along with your Google account, It gives you the ability to make and receive calls as well as to send and receive text messages, and provides call forwarding and voicemail functionality.

Virtual phone numbers for businesses typically offer multiple lines and additional features that are relevant to businesses, like extensions and international calling. We recommend having a closer look at the first page of search results and seeing which providers offer a free trial. Making use of free trials to sample what you will be getting is a risk free plan to ensure that the virtual number and functionality suit your individual business needs.

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