Best Website Builder for Small Businesses & Videographers | Create a DIY Video Portfolio Website

October 30, 2021
Simon Childs

Best Website Builder for Small Businesses & Videographers

Video is fast becoming the most powerful part of content marketing, consumers love it! It’s not hard to see why.  

Video conveys more in a few short seconds than a static image or text can. From home and landing pages on websites to all social media platforms, email marketing and even shop windows, video is here to stay.

It is easy to digest, entertaining but most of all engaging! It's the hook. Building likability, sharability and the trust of a new customer are much greater.

If you are a freelancer who creates marketing videos for businesses, a professional videographer shooting weddings, or are involved in video media production then you need a great online portfolio.

A digital video portfolio collects all of your greatest work together, is easy to share with clients, use in your marketing or simply gain some new customers via organic traffic.

How to Build a Video Portfolio

You can easily use a website builder to put together a strong video portfolio and start landing some epic contracts going forward.

A professional website can look appealing to potential clients and help to build trust in your brand and expertise.

Which website builder is best for showcasing videos?

There are plenty of free website builders that can do the job and will leave you with a great finished product to shout about.

Here at Business Tech Service, we look for website builders that have tons of storage space.  You will be uploading video content so you need a builder that gives you ample storage off the bat.  

Whether you choose to upload the videos directly to the site or embed the video from Youtube you want the process of adding video to be simple. You also require a choice of professional portfolio templates to choose from.

Below we take a look at our favourite 3 website builders for videographers:

Image source: Wix


The Best For Design Choice

From the 800+ designer-made templates that Wix have, 40 are specifically to showcase video.  Voted the best all-round website builder for videographers, Wix allows you to upload videos directly to your site with their Single Video Player.  Don't forget though - there is no maximum on how many videos you can embed - so throwing them on YouTube and using the embed code on your site is always a great idea.

Image Source: Site123


The Best for Ease of Use

Here at BTS, we always rave about how super simple to use this website builder is. The same goes for creating a video portfolio. Set up in a matter of 3 simple steps and enjoy some clean and simple templates to showcase your work.

Image source: Squarespace


The Best for Features

Packed full of loads of great features that will make your portfolio stand out, as well as being able to upload and embed video to standard frames you can also create a gallery block that allows you to display your video in a slideshow, carousel or grid!

Top 5 Tips for Building a Video Portfolio

#1 Ensure the quality of the videos featured are the highest you can produce

#2 Don’t throw everything at the site and see what sticks!  Its time to be choosy and only showcase your absolute best work!

#3 Optimise each video for search by inserting a video transcript and optimising the title and description of your video onsite with relevant keywords

#4 Keep Google happy by ensuring site speed stays healthy - use data compression tools, convert to HTML5 supported formats and defer loading videos until page load is complete (where you have the ability)

#5 Keep compilation videos to 30-120 seconds

Frequently asked Questions
What is the best website builder for YouTuber's?

Any of the above-mentioned website builders would be great to build a site to showcase video or be a website to help a video creator, create a brand away from their Youtube Channel.

What is the best website builder for artists to showcase their work?

We love Squarespace as a cost-effective way to showcase art in various mediums.  From images, photography and video, Squarespace can be a great overall website builder for creatives to shine, and this website builder, in particular, seems to have artists in mind.