4 Best Free Survey Tools For Small Businesses

December 12, 2022
Laura Smith

If you are the owner of a small business then chances are you may need to make use of a survey at some point. 

What is a survey tool?

Online survey software can be used to electronically collect answers or responses to questions from a target audience. They can feature different question types, including multiple-choice, ranking, open-ended, and many more.

Maybe you’re trying to get customer feedback on a new product or service. Maybe you just want to increase engagement on social media or conversion on your website. No matter the reason, here are some popular small business survey tools that make it easy to create, send and analyse custom questionnaires.

Best free online survey tools for small businesses and startups.

Where can I create a survey for free?

There are quite a few free options and they are all pretty good. We get that as a small business owner you are time-poor which is why we spend the time trialling software- so you don't have to! 

Wondering what is the best free online survey tool?  Below you can explore 4 of the best free online survey tools for small businesses that we rate highly: 

Google Forms

#1 Google Forms

A Google Forms survey is a free tool that can be used for fun or professional research purposes. You can customise Google Forms questions and answers in many different ways. After you've created a survey using Google Forms, you can share it with others to collect their responses. You can even create a Google forms pie chart to easily share the data you have collected.

Google Forms is now a full-featured forms tool that comes free with your Google account. You can add standard question types, drag and drop questions into the order you want, customise the form with simple photos or colour themes, and gather responses in Forms or save them to a Google Sheets spreadsheet.

#2 SurveyMonkey

A global leader in survey software, SurveyMonkey allows you to create free surveys and forms in minutes. SurveyMonkey operates on a freemium business model, meaning users get access to their most basic tools for free while designating advanced features and resources to paid plans. 

Define your survey audience and explore expert-written survey questions and templates.  It really is so easy to create a survey in minutes with their handy templates featuring hundreds of questions across different survey types. These guys make it super easy to create, send and analyse survey data.  The perfect way to start re-imagining and defining your business through real data.

The basic plan is always free which is great news for startups and small teams.  This allows you to send unlimited surveys with up to 10 questions although response limits do apply.


#3 Typeform

Another favourite of ours is Typeform. Easy to make attractive and engaging forms, surveys and quizzes that are designed to keep your audience engaged. 

Design is what makes Typeform stand out from the crowd when it comes to free survey software. These guys go all out with things like built-in photo and video libraries, custom layouts and themes to ensure that you always show your brand at its best. Their sleek interface simply ties it all together. 

Conditional logic allows you to ask all of the right follow-up questions and skip the rest.  

Surveys that feel less like the mundane, nothing like an interrogation and more like a friendly conversation. 

Get a taste of Typeform with their free plan. If it works for you then their basic plan starts from £21 per month.  For that 1 user gets to enjoy unlimited Typeforms, unlimited questions, question branching and logic jumps, self-email notifications, accept payments and 500+ integrations with Zapier and HubSpot.

#4 Jotform

Build the form you need in minutes using Jotforms free plan. Create professional-looking forms for your small business with absolutely no coding knowledge needed! Using Jotform’s online Form Builder you can style your forms with your own logo, fonts, and colours.

With their free plan, you can enjoy creating 5 forms, 100 monthly submissions, 1,000 form views, 500 total submission storage, 100 fields per form and 10 monthly payment submissions.

free survey software all of the above are great and really useful for startups, freelancers or small businesses.  

Wondering which free survey is better?

Well for free survey software all of the above are great and really useful for startups, freelancers or small businesses.  

If you are a simple person who just wants to get things done in the most cost-effective way possible, go with Jotform. If your style is everything to you, and you want to look unique, Typeform is your thing. 

Google Forms, is one of the best free survey tools that lets you put together surveys quickly with a drag & drop interface. 

SurveyMonkey has more advanced logic configurations, but they are only available for paid users. Google Forms logic options on the other hand are free. In Google Forms, you also can set point values and correct answers for each question, along with automatic feedback.

Not sure? Have a read of our blog 5 Surveys That Can Increase Revenue in your Small Business to understand how free survey software can accelerate your business in 2023.

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