June 29, 2021

Project management and collaboration platforms help businesses automate processes and streamline their operations. They achieve this by reducing the need for enormous and expensive administration teams. is one of the leading platforms in this market.

This article covers what does, how it could benefit your business and the costs involved. Website

What is is a collaborative project management platform. It saves you time by centralising your workflow into a single online workspace. 

The platform's user interface helps managers visualise their projects and organise their employees. 

Plenty of big names have moved their product management work onto the platform, including Uber, Adobe and Hulu. 

You can build projects from scratch or using a template, then invite employees to work on the project. You can assign each employee specific tasks or group them up for collaboration. has a large range of template options to get started.

Each project task has a different priority rating assigned by the project manager. Employees can share documents related to the project on the platform. 

Once you get going on a project, provides you with various graphs and data to help you make informed decisions about your project. This is what platforms like are all about - compiling information to help you make data-driven decisions. 

After a few months, you will have enough data to analyse your workforce and isolate areas needing improvements. It takes a while to gather enough data, but it's a valuable tool and a great selling point for the platform. 

Who could benefit from using the platform? caters to all different business sizes. Businesses looking to streamline their project management operations would profit from a subscription. 

Newer businesses might benefit most.  They have limited amounts of historical data they need to input, so moving onto the platform is easy. Conversely, established companies could get bogged down by inputting enormous amounts of data. 

Tracking employees progress while they work away from the office can be a bit of a nightmare. helps solve this problem by allowing managers to track employee progress remotely.'s onboarding process is notably more straightforward than most other platforms. There are also helpful tutorial videos that explain how each tool on the platform works. You're also treated to a platform tour when you first set up an account. 

What are’s key features? 

You would subscribe to for the project management and task planning tools. These are the platform's fundamental features. 

But has a few other exciting and unique features. Examples include daily task management and planning tools that keep your business on track.  

Another new feature is automations. This tool cuts your administrative costs by performing basic tasks for you automatically. 

Your automations can be as straightforward or as complicated as you need them to be. There's a library of templates to choose from that can email you when a task deadline is hit or missed. You can also create recurring events and notify the relevant staff to remind them. 

Automations could save enough man-hours that the platform pays for itself. also integrates with plenty of third-party apps. Examples include Mail Chimp, Dropbox and Google Drive. You can also link into routine business software like Microsoft Excel. 

As part of the collaboration feature, employees working on any project can share the documents they're working on via the platform. You can also keep valuable records like company branding in your company account, saving you a lot of time and effort. 

Hands-on with

Getting started on is a breeze. There are instructional videos and a template library to help you get started. It may take a few hours to tailor all the templates for your specific needs, but once you have, you'll be off to the races. 

The user interface is intuitive to navigate and minimally styled. The design is vibrant, with plenty of big buttons that make swapping between features easy. There's also a navigation panel on the left-hand side of the platform. 

The user interface in action

The mobile app is simple and identical to the desktop app. You can install the mobile app on iOS and Android operating systems. Employees working on the go is now conventional, so the mobile app gives you another reason to consider using Pricing has five pricing plans. Each plan includes everything offered in the cheaper plans with some more features. All four of the paid plans allow for any number of staff, and there's an 18% discount applied if you pay for a year upfront. 

The individual plan is free and allows for up to two people. You have unlimited project boards and more than 200 templates to choose from. This plan is ideal for testing out the platform before committing to a paid plan. 

The Basic Plan costs £7 per month per user and gives you 5GB of file storage and unlimited viewers. 

The Standard Plan costs £9 per month per user. You gain timeline and calendar viewpoints, 250 automations per month and a dashboard showing up to 5 project boards. 

The Pro Plan costs £14 per user per month. You can use private boards, time tracking, 25,000 automations per month and a dashboard that combines up to ten boards. 

The Enterprise Plan has no price data. You need to contact the sales team for a tailored price. This level includes enterprise-level automation, security and advanced reports and analytics. To get you off the ground, you receive onboarding and premium support. 

For the complete list of features, please see the image below. Pricing Table
Monday Pricing Options Summary is a productive and practical platform. Businesses looking to streamline and organise their projects or operations will find it helpful. 

The tools are easy to use, the user interface well-designed, and all for an affordable price.