Squarespace Review and Pricing 2021

February 2021

Templates are modern, well thought out and live up to the self-proclaimed billing of “best in class”.

Building a site is fast with an intuitive front-end based layout.

Ability to edit, publish and send marketing emails on the go using the smartphone app.

Templates follow a minimalist style that won’t be to everyone’s taste.

Some integrations are only available in America.

Squarespace provides beautifully designed templates supported by a strong suite of features & functionality.


The initial journey of building a website with Squarespace plays to the builders strengths.

Once you have let the site know your industry and goal for your site you will be presented with relevant templates. Right from the start, this is where Squarespace shines.

All the templates are in a very fresh, clean and modern design with clear effort and care given to all of the templates available. Within these you will find a distinct Squarespace style, images are key, they are large and anchor the site.

Text is in a clear font with heavy use of caps-lock for headings and white text on dark backgrounds is everywhere. If this suits your brand and the style you are looking for, great, continue to read this review. However, if you do not see a template that excites you and represents the look & feel of your business now is the time to look elsewhere. Squarespace has a certain “look” and if you love it, building a site will be easy and take you no time at all, if you don’t like the style initially you will quickly find yourself fighting against it at every turn.

It’s also worth noting at this stage that images are key to making your site look great with Squarespace. Images are given the space to breathe and are the focal point of the majority of templates. Keep this in mind if you don’t have strong imagery to represent your brand/products.

Screenshot of Squarespace Themes
Squarespace has themes suitable for plenty of industries.

Once you have selected your template, making edits and changes to the design of your site is easy. You are able to flick back and forth between a live demo of your site and a front-end editor with simple menus, options and edits in intuitive locations. Adding sections and pages is easy and all of them will slot in instantly in-line with your design as colour themes and fonts are set site-wide.

This gives you the ability to tweak and change the design of your site very quickly with edits not having to be applied page-by-page. The suggested fonts and colour themes are matched to the templates meaning no matter what combination you select the site always ended up looking great.

All templates are responsive and look great on mobile devices and the ability to flick between mobile and desktop site views is seamless allowing you to build a great looking cross platform site.

Screenshot of Squarespace Menus
The menus are intuitive.

However, you would be wrong to think that Squarespace is just a pretty face, there are plenty of brains backing up the designs.

The in-built analytics, external partner integrations and SEO tools add further value and functionality to Squarespace. The analytics are built around giving users simple actionable intelligence instead of requiring time to dig into figures, alerts give insight into large changes in figures such as traffic levels.

Extensions and integrations include google maps, opentable, zapier for automation and Unsplash for royalty free images. Unfortunately, one of the best integrations directly into Xero accounting software to streamline your business accounts is currently only available in the US at this stage.

Screenshot of Squarespace Extensions
Extensions add to the list of Squarespace features.

Squarespace has a unique selling point rarely found in website builders, mobile management. Utilising an app on your android or apple phone you are able to manage a site on the move with access to upload, edit and publish on your site through the mobile app. You can even use Squarespace’s email marketing tools to send bulk emails to your customers whilst on the move using your mobile phone. Depending on your lifestyle, this could be a killer feature for you to use Squarespace above other website builder options.


Squarespace has 4 pricing plans available starting from £13. The “Personal” plan offers unlimited bandwidth and storage, domain linking, all templates and extensions, this plan is our pick if you don’t have any requirement to take payment through your website.

The other 3 plans, “Business” £21 per month, “Basic Commerce” £24 per month & “Advanced Commerce” £37 per month all include payment functionality. We suggest you avoid “Business” plan as it includes a cost of 3% of transactions made on your site, you only have to have revenue of £100 per month for the plan to cost you more than the “Basic Commerce” plan. The Basic and Advanced Commerce plans both include commission-free transactions with e-commerce features, advanced analytics and the ability to add unlimited products. The Advanced Commerce plan offers real-time shipping calculations, digital gift cards, abandoned cart recovery and subscription selling on top of the Basic Commerce features. If you require payment functionality our suggestion is the Basic Commerce plan as you can then upgrade to the Advanced plan in the future if you require the additional functionality.

Please note: Squarespace offers a saving if you purchase in one-off annual payments making the pricing: Personal £10 per month, Business £15, Basic Commerce £20, Advanced Commerce £30. For comparison purposes, we have used the monthly costs in our review.

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