What Are Web Builders? How do Website Builders work?

April 6, 2021

Over the past decade, using an online web builder has become one of the most popular ways to design and build a website, as well as – of course – making that site go live.

As such, millions of people worldwide have used web builders to create their websites, whether they are for their business, start-up or for individual use, like creating a blog or online portfolio.

While web builders such as Wix, Squarespace and Shopify are at the head of the web building craze, being responsible for the creation of almost 9 million websites collectively, there are tonnes more online web builders to choose from.

So, what exactly are web builders?

Web builders are online platforms built specifically to allow anyone – regardless of their technical or computer knowledge – to create a website.

Built from the ground up, web builders are designed to allow people to build a website who have no prior experience of website creation, thanks to the platforms’ pre-designed website templates and easy-to-use editor, which allows users to view their site as they are creating it.

What are the benefits of using a web builder?

There are a number of advantages to using a website builder compared to other methods of website creation, such as hiring a website designer or building a site from scratch yourself.

For one, web builders are incredibly easy to use, since their target market is individuals who don’t necessarily have the time, or the technical capability, to build a site themselves. So, web builders have to cater to the needs of the beginner in order to achieve their purpose, meaning that pretty much anyone can get to grips with using one of these platforms to create a site.

Moreover, while all web builders are relatively easy to use, some web builders are easier to use than others, even providing tutorials and how-tos to ensure that their users are never lost and always know their next steps.

Another key benefit of using web builders to build a website, is that the platforms are cheap to use. Compared to hiring a web designer to create your website, there’s no contest when it comes to cost as web builders can cost as little as £10 per month to use.

And, while web builders are cheap to use, this doesn’t mean that there is any sacrifice on the quality, as sites created by web builders are typically highly responsive, functional and have a great aesthetic. In addition to this, web builders will ensure that your site is responsive across all devices, an important feature in today’s world, where the internet is accessed more on handheld devices than via computers.

Most web builders also have industry specific web templates to ensure that users are presented with a site template that embodies the functionalities they need their website to perform.

The last significant advantage of using a web builder to build a website is that it is incredibly quick to do, especially compared with other routes of website building, such as having a web designer build it from scratch. Depending on the web builder you choose, you can have your site functional, aesthetic, and ready to go live in less than an hour, though most web builders benefit from a few hours to a couple of days of a users attention to create the best website possible.

Who are web builders for?

Web builders can be used by anyone to build a great looking, responsive, functional website, but they’re particularly good for beginners, and for start-ups and businesses looking to get online for the first time, due to the platforms’ ease of use and how quickly it is to get a site up and running.

For start-ups and businesses, web builders offer a cost-effective way to get their business or e-commerce store onto the web quickly, with a practically guaranteed high ROI, with minimal investment – and, therefore, risk – which is ideal for small business and young start-ups who want to pull in customers, improve their reach and generate online sales, without suffering exorbitant costs.

Are there any drawbacks to using a web builder?

So, if web builders are so good at what they do, why doesn’t everyone – whether an individual, business or start-up – use a web builder to create their site?

Well, if you want a website design that’s completely original and bespoke, perfectly formulated with your specific business in mind, then using a website builder might not be the right choice for you – after all, the design and functionality will be constrained by the design tools which are already a part of the builder.

Of course, depending on what web builder you choose, you can still enjoy some flexibility, as some of these platforms allow the integration of external code, to allow users to customise their sites further. Others, on the other hand, prioritise ease-of-use and getting websites live as quick as possible, over a higher degree of flexibility.

However, web builders are created to accommodate the vast majority of industries, and these platforms often provide industry-specific templates to ensure that your template is complete with all the functionality features you need to have a website that takes care of all your needs.

How do you figure out which web builder is the right choice for you?

With so many web builders to choose from, making the choice between different web builders can be daunting since, as the popularity of web builders has soared, more and more of these web building platforms have meandered their way onto the market.

Luckily, at the Business Tech Service we review some of the best web builders on the market, detailing exactly how they work, their plus points and drawbacks, how they compare with other website building platforms and who – and what kind of businesses – they work best for.

In conclusion.

Web builders are platforms designed to allow people to create websites quickly, easily and affordably, hence their widespread appeal to people businesses and start-ups across the world.

While web builders are built to be used by anyone – with no prior web building knowledge required –  that’s not to say that they’re for everyone. If you’re the kind of person who wants to customize your website down to the very last detail, in exactly the way you envision it, then a web builder might not be for you.

However, if your priority is getting a functional, responsive, aesthetic website live as soon as possible, to amplify your voice, improve your reach or generate sales from your business, then using a web builder to create your site is a great option, and with the guidance and reviews provided at Business Tech Service, you can be sure that you’ll be able to choose the right one for you.