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Promo is a cloud-based social media video editing tool for freelancers, businesses or agencies. 

Unlike more advanced video editors like Adobe Photoshop that require a separate software download, Promo works on any web browser. This is great if you want to edit or create videos on the move, but not so great if you need to work offline. 

The more complex video editors take time and training to learn how to use, whereas anyone can make an advert using Promo's platform in a short time frame. 

To make it as easy as possible for new users, Promo lets you choose from a range of premade templates that you can tinker with by adding photos, video clips and your own branding.

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How does the Promo platform work?

Promo has a free plan to let you try out the platform before you make any financial commitment. You can comb through the templates, play around with the editor and make your first video without so much as registering a card. 

The site won't let you download any video you make if you're on the free plan, but they do allow you to share a link to it. 

Once you sign up for a free account, one of the Promo team will reach out to you through email, with links to different resources to help you get started. Over time, the company will send you various guides to their editor and templates to improve the quality of your videos. 

Once your account is set up, you can pick a template or start from scratch. While you could make a professional-looking video from scratch, most users will find it significantly easier to start with a template and edit to their heart's content. 

When you sign up for an account, Promo asks which industry you operate in to suggest relevant templates. There are countless great looking templates for you to choose from, but most commercial templates are for adverts on social media sites.

Once you've picked out the template you want, the site takes you through to the editor. 

The Promo Editor 

If this is your first time using Promo, the platform guides you through the editor's tools one by one, helping you find your way around. 

The editor's interface is fairly intuitive and easy to navigate, allowing anyone with little to no video editing experience to put together something workable in a short timeframe. 

As Promo offers a free plan, it's worth playing around with the editor to see how long it takes you to make a video you're happy with before you decide on a paid plan.   

In the editor, there is a taskbar with three options: editor, media, and music. 

  • The editor section is (you guessed it) for editing the video. This section has all the modification tools you need to make a great looking ad, such as different fonts and headings, transition effects and animations that bring your video to life. 
  • The media section offers a vast selection of videos and photos to include in your video; most of which are royalty-free, from Getty, Shutterstock and a few other libraries. You can also upload original videos and photos in the media tab. 
  • The music section is a library of free to use background music organised into popular genres and styles. There is a great selection of upbeat, calm and funky music, as well as many others, so no matter your creative idea, Promo has got you covered. 

On the right-hand section of the editor is the 'Brand' section, which lets you upload a set of logos, text or design elements to quickly apply to any template, without having to create them all one by one every time you want to make a video. This is a critical feature for design agencies or anyone managing multiple brands. 

Both the media and music sections also have search facilities, helping you find the right stock media to back up your ad. 

One of the most notable features Promo offers is its royalty-free video library. At the time of writing, Promo has 150k standard video clips and more than 100m premium clips for you to use in videos. 

Promo has helpfully included an autosave feature in the editor, preventing you from losing your progress, which is vital as Promo is a browser-based editor. 

In our experience it’s possible to make a usable 45-second ad in less than ten minutes. 

Promo Pricing

Promo has three paid plans available; basic, standard and pro. 

  • The Basic plan lets you create and download as many videos as you want and use all the standard stock clips and three premium clips per month. You get full use of all the editing features, royalty-free music and as many stock photos as you want. The basic plan is best for any small business looking to create between 1-3 videos a month and costs £39 per month if paid monthly or £29 per month if paid annually. 
  • The Standard plan includes everything in the basic plan plus unlimited premium clips, and the facility to add an original watermark to any video you create. This plan is ideal for businesses and marketing agencies increasing their social media output with regular video media content. The standard plan costs £79 per month if paid monthly and £49 per month if paid annually. 
  • The Pro plan has extras only necessary for bigger brands or marketing focused companies such as larger marketing agencies. This plan gives you reseller rights of video content, white-label sharing and priority customer service. You can also manage up to ten separate brands from one account on the Pro plan, which costs £279 per month if paid monthly or £179 per month if paid annually. 

Promo also has a free plan available for new users to try out the platform before making any financial commitment. The company doesn't let you download videos on the free plan, which prevents you from uploading them to social media channels or embedding them on a website. Additionally, any free video will include a prominent watermark in the top right-hand corner, but it is useful for trying out Promo.

Promo Verdict

The Promo platform makes it easier than ever to create authentic, original content without having to fork out stacks of cash for specialist editing software or freelance video editors.  

Promo can help any small business or freelancer looking to grow their brand and reach new markets by creating engaging video content that will receive heaps of likes, comments and shares. 

Try for free here.