WIX Review and Pricing 2021

February 2021

Over 500+ templates.

Drag and drop frontend builder allows complete flexibility to website design.

Large range of applications to cover the vast majority of web requirements.

Design flexibility can get fiddly when you have a lot of items on a page

Quite simply the best all-round website builder at the moment. Backed by market leading applications and features.


The initial journey building a site with WIX underlines why they are one of the market leaders. You are greeted by over 500 beautifully designed templates for a broad spectrum of business sectors and a high quality video that shows you around the basics of building a website with WIX.

However, “building” may not be the correct term, designing may be more apt as you utilise the drag and drop functionality to put any module, content, image, text on the page anywhere! The limits of the design of the page are simply down to your imagination and style. If this sounds daunting, know that WIX allows this freedom but assists you along the way with tools to help you align your pages and animated hints and tips to guide you whilst you are getting started.

The front end drag and drop functionality, backed up with a large number of templates and modules allows you to be as involved in the design of the website as you want. You can design through pre-made layouts simply adding text and images to make a site or you can delve into the exact positioning of each social button or logo tweaking to your heart’s content.

WIX Interface 2020
The interface is clear and easy to navigate.

This is supported by a more advanced set of functionality allowing lightboxes (in page pop-ups), animations and hover boxes (images that change when a visitor hover their mouse over them) and more, for when you want to move beyond the basics of your sites design.

With this freedom comes a word of warning, when you start adding a lot of content to your pages you may find yourself getting frustrated by the front end builder being a bit fiddly with selections not quite matching up with what you are trying to achieve but this is a fair price to pay for the flexibility you have over your design.

At any time you can flick a button at the top of the screen to view your site on mobile. Once in this mode, you can move and edit to build your mobile site without effecting the work you have done to the desktop version of your site.

I found this very useful as mobile sites converted from a desktop view often do not have good usability for a visitor. The ability to edit the mobile site in isolation to the desktop site allows you to define a strong user experience for your mobile users. For example, by moving your call-to-action higher up the mobile site.

Edit the mobile view in isolation to the desktop design.

Away from the designing of the site, the strength of WIX comes from it’s added features. Ranging from fully integrated email database & sending functionality to a huge range of apps for every purpose and finally to the built in SEO step-by-step assisted journey. The ecosystem around the WIX builder is vast. To name a few, the apps include options for live chat, Google AdSense for adding adverts to your site and a reviews app allowing your visitors to add comments/reviews/testimonials.

In addition there are industry specific apps including restaurant booking and ordering, music streaming and galleries. The majority of these apps are free or built into the WIX packages and usefully, all of them are rated by fellow WIX users.  This suite of apps and services allow you to take a WIX built website far beyond the functionality you would expect to find with a website builder branching out into email, digital marketing and loyalty programmes.

Apps, SEO and marketing tools add further functionailty to the Wix site builder.

WIX now offers a developer mode with the ability to edit the underlying code of a website as well as allowing API links. This is not a common requirement for a website builder, however, it does mean that if your website grows fast and requires custom built features, the WIX platform is scalable to grow at the same rate.


Wix splits it’s pricing into “website” and “e-commerce” plans. The difference between them is that “e-commerce” plans add the functionality for the site to take payments.

The plans start at £3 a month with “Connect Domain” but “Combo” is the first realistic option if you want to remove Wix branding from your site at £6 a month but with a limited 2GB bandwidth this is only an option for website expecting under 8k visitors a month. Our pick would be the “Unlimited” plan which offers unlimited bandwidth, domain linking and no Wix adverts on your site for £8.50 a month.  

The e-commerce plans start with “Business Basic” at £13 which offers unlimited bandwidth, no adverts, domain linking and commission-free online payments. “Business Unlimited” adds further storage and logo builder tools for £16 a month and “Business VIP” adds priority support on top for £22. Our pick is the Business “Basic” plan if you know you will need to take payments online, it has everything you need to get started and you can always upgrade in the future.

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